Bushfires Australia

Bushfires Australia

It has been a while that I have updated my blog. The last time was about my trip to Australia. This time it will be about Australia again because my heart aches. Last year I visited my family in Australia for the first time. A wish I had since I was a little child. I love the country, I love the nature. Last year I saw the result of prior bush fires. Black, empty woods. And now there are again bushfires, very heavy bushfires. In the Netherlands there is news about these fires, but unfortunately not much.

An animation of the bushfires since 5th December 2019

I hope to visit Australia soon again, this time with my husband and youngest son. I hope I can still show them the wildlife I came across during my trip. See kangaroos and not only in the Zoo’s.

I want to see the beautifull nature of Australia, the bushes, the animals again. I hope there will be something left. I hope Australia can overcome this disaster.

Normally, if there are any actions for countries/people where was a major disaster. Now I wanted to donate. I do not have that much money I can share, but I think all the little bits will be a lot at the end.

I found a website with several options to donate to Australia. https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/bushfire-relief-how-you-can-help-those-in-need/news-story/a0476ac3538b8c373f281ea6be204421 There are a lot of possibilites. You can donate to support the Firefighters, wildlife, wildlife hospitals and so on.

I choose the Australian Red Cross and donated a small amount of money. Because I hope the redcross can help families to build up there homes again, to help all volunteers which are working around the clock to help people, to help wildlife. At first I wanted to set up a crowd funding, but after searching on GoFundMe, there are allready so many of them, so I thougt that would not be nessecary. Also nowadays it is easy to find an organisation where you want to donate to.


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